Chuck Huber

Instructor: Chuck Huber

Vital to an actor’s career is the ability to present convincing dialects from a variety of regions and, as your instructor says, “is one of the most enjoyable party tricks in the muggle world.” Renowned actor Chuck Huber will take you through the techniques and resources for learning any accent starting with British, Russian and Irish.

Equally important to an actor is the ability to memorize lines. Surprisingly, line memorization is not taught at any elite conservatory, and yet, is a necessary step before scripted performance can take place. This course will supercharge any techniques you may have already learned and supplement problem areas with simple solutions. You will learn visual, kinesthetic and audio mnemonics in the service in memorization.

Class size limit 13, cost $400

April 13-15th
Friday 7-11pm
Saturday 6-10pm
Sunday 12-4pm

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