Neal Malley

Pro Tools for Voice Actors

Over three Sunday evenings (6PM-8PM) we will cover the use of Pro Tools for voice actors wanting to record at a home studio. For those just beginning with Pro Tools, we’ll start from the blank slate of a new session through enough editing and mixing to produce a basic voice demo or audition, while also touching on room acoustics.

No prerequisite

Class fee: $400


Neal Malley, CAS is a re-recording mixing engineer working in animation post-production primarily on anime dubs. He started all the way back in 2001 and has worked on many, many titles including Dragonball Z, One Piece, Evangelion, Assassination Classroom, Ghost in the Shell: Arise, and Psycho-Pass. His love of sound dates back even further to 1996 when he started sound designing and composing music for Denton Community Theater. In his spare time he even enjoys mixing and mastering music, and performed in the band White Girl with Sonny Strait.

Neal has been a member of the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) since 2010, a group dedicated to the advancement of sound for television and cinema. While most of his work has been released on television and home video, some of his theatrical mixes include Psycho-Pass the Movie, Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, and Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie