Animation Dubbing with Sonny Strait

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**Class comes with a demo.**

Learn the fundamentals of acting and how to apply them to animation. Learn to give natural reads by focusing on subtext, empathy and motivation. Learn how to match mouth flaps of animation while delivering a believable performance.

Many of Sonny’s Students have gone on to careers in commercials, anime and video games.

June 26 – 28
Friday 7-11pm
Saturday 6-10pm
Sunday 12-4pm & 6-10pm

**Sunday is split up into two class times to give you more time on the microphone.**

Instructor: Sonny Strait



5 reviews for Animation Dubbing with Sonny Strait

  1. Margarita Krivorog

    Hello! My name is Margarita.
    I’d like to sign up for your next animation-dubbing workshop. I didn’t find any contact details so I decided to write you here 🙂 I’m Dallas based English-Russian speaking film actress, signed( the Linicomn Agency) and I’d love to develop my skills in the voice over acting 🙂 I’d appreciate if you provide some information of the dates of your next workshop.

    Thank you ☺️

  2. Elaine Gantz Wright

    Hello. My son Ian would like to sign up for this class. Any spaces? Waiting list? Ian Wright, age 21. Thanks!

  3. Jesse Pinnick

    Jesse Pinnick, here been wanting to get out there since I heard Toonami dub things when I was 11. Where do I sign up to perfect my skills!

  4. Cody Rock

    Very fun and informative class! Glad I made the trip down. Sonny and Nathanael were really fun to work with and learn from. Highly recommend this class!

  5. Dave Corlett

    This class is so worth the investment. It’s great for people of all skill levels, from beginner to experienced. You learn valuable, practical information for a career in voice acting. You’ll learn to put yourself in your character’s shoes, learn to adapt your performance based on director feedback and learn how voice dubbing works. You’ll also meet experienced industry professionals with years of experience to learn from.

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