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Whether you want to be the next manga, Super-hero or underground cartoonist it all starts here.

Sonny Strait shows you how to simplify the comic book to its basic forms so that you can build on it, layer by layer, into your own comic art. You will learn composition, timing, the end of the workshop you will have the tools, know-how and confidence to create your own pages.

Additional materials will run $30-50 (or less since you may have some of the items around the house). If you work digitally, of course, there are no material costs and feel free to use whatever drawing program you want.

June 17 – 19
Friday 7-11 pm (EST)
Saturday 6-10 pm (EST)
Sunday 6-10pm (EST)

Instructor: Sonny Strait

Trained by master cartoonist, Wendy Pini, Sonny has been a published cartoonist since the 1980s. His work has since been published by WARP Graphics, Tokyopop, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics. His multiple print run, self-published work has appeared many times in the top ten webcomics list.

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