Online Acting Workshop with Sonny Strait

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Learn from an actor and director with over 20 years of professional experience. This workshop focuses on audition techniques, instant line motivation, vocal resonance, dubbing and so much more. Many of Sonny’s students have gone on to careers voice acting. Recently two of his students were nominated for “Breakthrough Voice Actor of The Year” in the Behind the Voice Actors Awards. Whether you have 10 years of experience or none at all you will come out of this class a better actor.

January 13 – 15, 2023
Friday 7-11 pm (EST)
Saturday 6-10 pm (EST)
Sunday 6-10pm (EST)

Instructor: Sonny Strait

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8 reviews for Online Acting Workshop with Sonny Strait

  1. Margarita Krivorog

    Hello! My name is Margarita.
    I’d like to sign up for your next animation-dubbing workshop. I didn’t find any contact details so I decided to write you here 🙂 I’m Dallas based English-Russian speaking film actress, signed( the Linicomn Agency) and I’d love to develop my skills in the voice over acting 🙂 I’d appreciate if you provide some information of the dates of your next workshop.

    Thank you ☺️

  2. Elaine Gantz Wright

    Hello. My son Ian would like to sign up for this class. Any spaces? Waiting list? Ian Wright, age 21. Thanks!

  3. Jesse Pinnick

    Jesse Pinnick, here been wanting to get out there since I heard Toonami dub things when I was 11. Where do I sign up to perfect my skills!

  4. Cody Rock

    Very fun and informative class! Glad I made the trip down. Sonny and Nathanael were really fun to work with and learn from. Highly recommend this class!

  5. Dave Corlett

    This class is so worth the investment. It’s great for people of all skill levels, from beginner to experienced. You learn valuable, practical information for a career in voice acting. You’ll learn to put yourself in your character’s shoes, learn to adapt your performance based on director feedback and learn how voice dubbing works. You’ll also meet experienced industry professionals with years of experience to learn from.

  6. Avri Cisnero

    Hi I was looking to enroll in your class for voice over work and would love to learn the skills and requirements to become a professional voice acting for dubbing animation

  7. Vincent Ho

    I had been interested in voice acting for some time. Seeing your post on twitter has been helpful. I am looking forward to learning from you, Sonny Strait. Voice of Krillen, Ussop, and Maes Hughes, all of whom I’ve grown up with and recited fun lines in my past time.

  8. Dave

    The class was extremely fun and I learned so much about myself as an actor within 3 remote classes

    I wanted to try out acting last year, so I’ve been taking as many classes and workshops as I can. I have always found voice acting to be a cool form of acting, so I enrolled in this course. As a new actor, I loved the pace of the class. We were always moving. As soon as we were shown a technique, we put it into practice immediately! I especially enjoyed working with other students and listening to Sonny’s explanations of techniques in the context of his voice acting work.

    This is a great course for actors of all experience levels and backgrounds. It is a great use of your time

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